I joined the DeepMind Health team soon after its formulation to work on the success of Streams, a results viewing platform for Doctors and Nurses. My time on the team saw my work span across research, discovery phases and visual design. Given the small scale of the team, I had the opportunity to contribute broadly across multiple roles.

  • Visual Design lead for multiple flagship features and redesigns with work directly leading to improvement in key metrics across the board (safety, engagement and stickiness)
  • Key focus areas include accessibility, data visualisation, scalability and clinical safety
  • Established and led healthcare empathy group to engage the cross-functional team in UXR material and context-building exercises, reaching 90% engagement
  • Established and led diversity, equity and inclusion group
  • Represented our team externally in talks, workshops and interviews, audiences include NASA JPL, Future London Academy, Helix Centre and many more (see Speaking & Outreach)
  • Led various elements of medical device certification process
  • Art directed cover art submissions for Nature Medicine for featured DeepMind research papers

Please note, the overlapping dates include a year of work at DeepMind via ustwo