Select projects from Dem Gerolemou, designer at Google Health. Formerly at DeepMind and ustwo. Passionate about building a fairer and healthier world

Highlighted Projects

Building Cura, Google's design system bespoke to the healthcare setting (please reach out to learn more)

Search for Primary Care Physicians—launching Care Studio Mobile at Google Health (please reach out to learn more)

Supporting the UK Government’s COVID response effort through data visualization (please reach out to learn more)

Reducing the average cost of admission for AKI patients with Streams (please reach out to learn more)

Saving Co-op colleagues up to 7 hours per week with Product Range Finder (please reach out to learn more)

Self-Initiated Projects

Creating a new tab heads-up display using Apple's design language

A sculptor's portfolio; building a site for my dad's work

Using Jekyll & Shortcuts to automate publishing a website from an iPad

Building a portfolio site for Mr Bingo with a self-serve content management system

Writing, researching and debating about holistic problem-solving for autonomous vehicles

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