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CV for Dem Gerolemou, designer at Google and Isomorphic Labs. Formerly at DeepMind and ustwo. Currently focusing on using AI to tackle climate change and to redefine drug discovery. Passionate about building a fairer and healthier world


Google (Climate AI)

I’m a member of Google’s Climate AI team within the Research Org. I focus on connecting emerging technologies with real-world problems, ensuring that we’re building human and planet-centric solutions with our powerful technologies. Current focus areas include:

  • Leading UX for Project Green Light, using AI to reduce traffic emissions
  • Impact reporting across climate products
  • New concept incubation

Isomorphic Labs

I’m collaborating with a cross-functional product team to buid best-in-class tools that Isomorphic Labs scientists use to discover new drugs with AI. I’ve been working with the team in a 20% capacity, focusing on:

  • Improving usability
  • Building Isomorphic Labs’ design system
  • Discovery for impactful new features
  • Driving UX strategy and planning

Google (Health)

My time at Google Health has been focused on building and launching the Care Studio suite of products alongside a few other healthcare projects. Specifically, I defined a cohesive, safe and scalable visual language for our products, leading the design system projects for both mobile and desktop and being promoted in recognition of my work.

I’ve proudly prioritised utility and function in my work. Where previous projects have sought to be more playful in design, clinical safety and context has been a driving force behind design deciisons. A combination of UXR and leading the healthcare empathy team at DeepMind taught me about the reality of our users’ days when using digital tools. It’s been my mission to create interfaces that respect our users and deliver value transparently and effectively.

  • Visual Design lead for multiple key projects, including carrying the mobile product from an early prototype to a successful UAT launch and the desktop product redesign to focus on usability and scalability
  • Key focus areas include accessibility, data visualisation, scalability and clinical safety
  • Aligned global cross-functional teams on a long-term approach to design, treading the line between short-term value and long-term success while prioritising our business needs
  • Data visualisation specialist, collaborating with an engineering partner to build and launch a data visualisation framework bespoke to our needs, adopted by other teams facing similar issues. Consulted with teams across Alphabet to advise on accessibile data visualization
  • Stepped up to support the UK Government’s COVID response effort in the chaotic weeks leading to the national lockdown
  • Established and led diversity, equity and inclusion group for the London Health org
  • Won multiple awards for team contributions (see Education & Achievements)


I joined the DeepMind Health team soon after its formulation to work on the success of Streams, a results viewing platform for Doctors and Nurses. My time on the team saw my work span across research, discovery phases and visual design. Given the small scale of the team, I had the opportunity to contribute broadly across multiple roles.

  • Visual Design lead for multiple flagship features and redesigns with work directly leading to improvement in key metrics across the board (safety, engagement and stickiness)
  • Key focus areas include accessibility, data visualisation, scalability and clinical safety
  • Established and led healthcare empathy group to engage the cross-functional team in UXR material and context-building exercises, reaching 90% engagement
  • Established and led diversity, equity and inclusion group
  • Represented our team externally in talks, workshops and interviews, audiences include NASA JPL, Future London Academy, Helix Centre and many more (see Speaking & Outreach)
  • Led various elements of medical device certification process
  • Art directed cover art submissions for Nature Medicine for featured DeepMind research papers

Please note, the overlapping dates include a year of work at DeepMind via ustwo


I joined ustwo as an intern looking to specialise in UX design. In my time on the team, I worked across multiple sectors including healthcare, automotive, retail and fintech while also focusing on new business opportunities, notably taking on an extensive amount of external talks and writing a chapter for the studio’s published book on the future of autonomous vehicles. I was promoted twice in my time at ustwo.

  • UX design for 4 flagship apps across various large-scale, global organisations as well as several discovery phases
  • UX designer on an alpha discovery team that helped the Co-op colleagues save up to 7 hours per week
  • Wrote a chapter on holistic problem-solving for ustwo’s book on the future of autonomous vehicles, participating in a live debate at the London Transport Museum as part of the launch
  • Consultation and advice for startups via ustwo Adventure
  • Support for new business team as a representative at relevant conferences
  • Extensive list of talks on behalf of the studio and to engage students in UX career opportunities (see excerpt under Speaking & Outreach)


  • UX Designer, Web Developer
  • Sep 2013–Aug 2016

Following graduation I took on various freelance projects across design and development focusing on the creative industries such as fashion and illustration. I stopped taking on new work in 2016 to focus my time and energy on my full time job.

Moving Brands

Internship at leading branding agency, Moving Brands. I worked on multiple pitches, a flagship rebranding project and a research-led proposal on sonic branding opportunities.

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